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Autodesk Ciucuits 123D
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123D Circuits

Electronics from beginners to professionals. Autodesk Circuits gives you the opportunity to take your ideas to reality with free, easy-to-use tools online.

Here are some of the most compelling features:

  • Virtual breadboard based design, allowing to build and experiment with circuits just as you would in real life.
  • You can add an Arduino to your design, and edit the code right in your browser.
  • Real-time and interactive simulation of both your Arduino code and the circuit attached to it.
  • Full collaborative editing (think of Google Docs for electronics).
  • Powerful yet easy component editor, making it super easy to add new components to the shared library.
  • Easily create beautiful circuit boards with: free text, b-splice silkscreen art, arbitrary board shapes, …
  • Ability to embed your design, including simulation on your blog or in an Instructable.

Autodesk Ciucuits 123D

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