Construction Materials Calculator

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CAPP is a multiplatform application, capable of calculating necessary quantities of materials for the construction of basic elements of a construction project.

  •     Responsive Design
    The application adapts to all types of supports and screens automatically.
  •     Friendly graphical interface 
    Developed to be used by any type of user, with information on each item for easy interpretation of the terms used.
  •     Multi platform
    CAPP works on multiple media and operating systems with the same performance.
  •     Multiple languages
    Available in 3 languages: Spanish (100%), Portuguese (90%) and English (90%).
  •     Constant Optimization
    Constant updating with new features and improvements. Inclusion of new sections and materials, always listening to the comments of our users.
  •     User System
    It has a system of user login that allows to save the calculations and to take a better management of projects.


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