Software for quantity surveyor, cost estimating and BoQ needs

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PriMus is the SMART software for quantity surveyor, cost estimating and BoQ needs.
o    standard format Price Lists
o    cost estimates and BoQs open on screen simultaneously allowing you to work just as you would on your office desk in a simple and efficient way
o    use simple drag and drop actions to quickly copy items between documents
o    automatic document printouts with highly professional layouts

WYSIWYG user interface (What You See Is What You Get): easier to work with, easier to learn
Work on your PC just as you normally would from your office desk: the quantity surevey and price list layouts are integrated into the program interface to give you a unique working experience; the same you are already used to when working on paper. Open multiple documents all at once price lists or price books, organising them on screen and as you would on your office desk. Work intuitively with drag & drop actions that allow you to efficiently copy all types of quantity surveying data from one document to another drastically reducing the amount of time necessary to learn how to use the software.
The price list, cost estimating, bill of quantities and bid request that refer to a single job are all integrated withing a single file. At the slightlest change, even in a description, a unit rate or a quantity, all the relating documents are updated automatically.

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