An operating system for AK1025(ATJ2091) mp4 family players


ElectronZ80 is an operating system for AK1025(ATJ2091) mp4 family players. It was designed for users who can not any more use their original firmware. It is dedicated to electrical engineers and programmers, but can be used by any one...


  • Math integer functions(mul,div..etc), LCD driver,text mode rutines, nand flash driver, usb driver, graphix rutines, FAT32 driver, mem mangement rutines, etc ...
  • Emergency console : can your mp4's LCD to navigate host PC or debug MP4 player
  • Will contail many electrical engineering applications - under developement
  • Version V2 contains a driver for EFS (ElectronFileSystem), mini-browser for EFS and an Explorer(underdevel)
  • New image viewer specially designed to view PDFTOPPM->GR4 image (pdf converted to images) . The new version can slide in any direction and more others ...
  • Note (it shouldn't be here, but any way ...) : In order to boot OSAK1025, you need to bring your MP4 in <recovery mode> (not <firmware mode>). You can put your device in recovery mode in two ways: 1) short any two(2) flash data pins O 2) format flash using s1clone. More info at and !