A great didactic bones browser in 3D


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BoneLab turns out to be one of the most practical applications that a medical student can use to learn the position, type, bone group and the name of each of the bones that the human body has.

Discover where each of your bones is
The program shows us a 3D model, which we can freely explore, to select the parts of which we want to know details or add a label. Once we have clicked on any bone we will be able to visualize its name, in addition to being able to access Wikipedia, in order to obtain much more extensive information about it.

The program also has a function from which we can access each of the parts according to their type, so that we can isolate elements that have characteristics in common.

The interface, which is very simple and attractive, stands out for its colorful skeleton and the good arrangement of all the menus and options of the application.