Turn your pictures into drawings for free


Psykopaint is an interesting web service that already has many users, which makes available an art editor of photographs from which it is possible not only retouch images and turn them into drawings, so to speak, but also implement a range of effects the most creative love. It is easy to use, and last but not least just released its application Google Chrome .

With Psykopaint not only have a service where we can upload pictures, but also a place to experiment with photographs and filled, and try to imitate the work of hundreds of people who have dared to try it (in the picture, for example).

Despite being offered the opportunity to check in, and also given the option to do so by accessing our Facebook account, we can start painting as soon as we enter the website, where we will directly explore options or paint a gallery own photography or art. Is our first tool? The brush. But not a Brush Paint or Photoshop, but more like the typical brush arts, with which we can blur the parts you want.

Apart from the tool palette offers a wide range of items to keep editing the same course, stylized images rather than simply editing.

For improvement are the load times from section to section, but I fear they are a necessity because of the look of the site and including high-resolution images let alone what the application itself, and not to use the effects unless us to register, something that otherwise should not be a major problem.

In short, a good site for all lovers of art and creation and photo retouching, and of course for anyone who wants to spend time doodling and distracted.