Visual Fitting is a mathematics software to implement adjustments to linear and non-linear curves, 3D and 4D surfaces

Visual Fitting

Visual Fitting is a math tool to implement linear and nonlinear curve fitting, 3d surface fitting, 4d volume data fitting and graphing.

Visual Fitting Features:

  • A global optimistic method is used, so the result will not be "Failed" and local optimistic.
  • Initial start values of the parameters can be free random ones.
  • Implement curve fitting and graphing of linear models.
  • Implement curve fitting and graphing of nonlinear models.
  • Implement surface fitting and graphing of any binary function models.
  • Volume fitting and graphing of any trinary function models.
  • Unary, binary and trinary polynomial fitting and graphing.
  • High quality 2d curves, 3d surfaces and 4d volume slices can be created
  • to visualize the fitting models.

Visual Fitting System Requirements: Windows XP or newer

Download Visual Fitting Tutorial