Free virtual classroom for children


ClassDojo simulates a free virtual classroom for children, being the fastest growing behavior management platform in the world, used by teachers, parents and students.

This virtual classroom allows teachers to organize their classroom, promote gamification activities, grade students and maintain more fluid communication with them and their families.

The virtual classroom for children ClassDojo is an online platform in which a 'teacher' type user can create different classrooms. If for example you are the math teacher and you are in charge of three classes, you can have a ‘virtual’ classroom in ClassDojo for each one of them and each one with its respective list of participating students. Despite accessing the platform through any web browser, it is also available for iOS and Android devices, which is ideal because any teacher can access their classes from their smartphone or tablet. Although the experience is not exactly identical, access via mobile devices allows practically any of the functionalities available on the web.

The free virtual classroom for children ClassDojo has four types of accounts, interconnected as follows:

  • Virtual classroom for teachers: this user will create the classrooms and the students who participate in them. Likewise, it will be in charge of managing the scores of each student, the ‘Class Story’ and the interaction with parents through private messages. Keep in mind that a teacher can have several assigned classrooms and that a classroom can have several responsible teachers.
  • Virtual classroom for student: tremendously limited, since it only allows you to customize the avatar (a little monster) and check what the assessment issued by the teacher has been for this student. It does not allow to see neither the scores of other students nor, of course, the messages exchanged between families and teacher.
  • Virtual classroom for parents: each parent can have one —or several— students in their charge, and each of them can visualize what the teacher's evaluations have been at each moment: what badges they have obtained, both positive and negative. Similarly, you can view the ‘Class Story’ or send messages to the teacher; You will not be able to check the evolution of other students who are not in your charge.
  • Virtual classroom for school leader: a director or representative of a center or institution, and who is in charge of managing all the classrooms and assigning both teachers and students to them.