Virtual DJ is the most used DJ software on the planet

Virtual DJ


Virtual Dj is the most used DJ software on the planet, with more than 150 million downloads, and is used by everybody from bedroom DJs to international superstars.
Unlike some competitors, it doesn't rely on your years of experience learning how to DJ, but instead uses modern technology to help you mix better by focusing on the artistic side of the mix.

Virtual Dj is the application that DJs use when they want to use a computer to play their music.
Because being a DJ is more than just pressing play, DJs cannot just use iTunes or Media Player to perform a mix. They need special controls like crossfaders, loops, effects, etc, in order to "mix" the songs.

Virtual Dj
delivers more features than any other software. The latest groundbreaking technology is always available in Virtual Dj first! With Virtual Dj you're guaranteed to be ahead of the curve with the latest high-tech and innovative features

Although Virtual Dj is packed with features, it is still easy to learn. You can start with the basics and advance as you learn more. Virtual Dj is well suited for both the amateur starter, or the seasoned professional DJ and comes with all the features you'll ever need. With Virtual Dj you can turn any event into a total success! Whether it's scratch performance and video mixing, or from bedroom broadcast to upscale wedding events.

Virtual Dj lets you do more!. Unleash your creative potential...
Scroll down to learn more about some of the key features of Virtual Dj.

Virtual Dj is powerful, yet easy to use DJ software with an intuitive user-interface. Comes with all the features you need to start mixing as a DJ. Virtual Dj is fully operational even without DJ hardware connected. With transport controls, jog wheels, track information, waveforms, an advanced mixer, equalization & filter, effects, loops, performance pads, hot cues, seamless looping, smart sync, and quantized cues all help you mix faster, better, and be more creative.

Virtual Dj comes with a plethora of key features that every entertainer needs in modern DJ software:

  • Powerful, yet intuitive & easy to learn
  • Fully operational even without DJ hardware
  • Smart quantizing features for valuable mixing assistance

Virtual Dj works with more controllers and mixers than any other software. With plug & play support for over 300+ controllers, the choice of hardware is all yours! From easy-to-use entry level controllers to advanced club mixers. Simply connect your controller and you are ready to mix!

Virtual Dj supports all popular controllers from our partner brands, such as Pioneer, Numark, Reloop, Denon, Hercules, Rane etc.

Furthermore, Virtual Dj comes with an intuitive mapper interface and midi-learn capability for customization and tweaks, as well as creation of your own mappers. And with a powerful scripting language, almost every facet of the software can be controlled and mapped.

With Virtual Dj you get the industry's best controller support and mapping features!

Built-in low latency, highly accurate DVS engine for mixing with traditional turntables and CD players. Works with all major brands of timecode signal as well as Virtual Dj's own optimized DVS signal that is available for download or purchase the specialty vinyl in our shop.

Works with all sound cards that have sufficient audio inputs and outputs, including plug and play support for all popular DVS ready sound cards and controllers.

  • Low-latency DVS with smart, relative and absolute modes
  • Auto Signal calibration
  • Works with any DVS ready hardware
  • Works with all popular DVS vinyl

Virtual Dj comes with a powerful video engine for mixing all your video content. Works with all leading video formats in high-quality resolutions with full-HD and 4K support with a plentitude of available video effects, transitions, text-to-screen plugin, song titler, camera support, screen-grabbing and fancy overlays - making your video mixing more creative than ever

Easy to use with on-screen previews and smart video-crossfade and transitions.

Integrates well with VirtualDJ video content catalog.

Remember, Virtual Dj is a free and very complete DJ software, and it is written Virtual Dj, not VirtualDj.

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Virtual Dj is available for the following Operating Systems:

  • Virtual Dj Windows: To download Virtual Dj for PC click on the green icon in the menu.
  • Virtual Dj Mac OS: To download Virtual Dj Mac OS click on the green icon in the menu.
  • Virtual Dj Android: Actualmente no está disponible.
  • Virtual Dj iOS: Actualmente no está disponible.
  • Virtual Dj Remote Android: To download Virtual Dj Remote for Android click on the green icon in the menu.

Modalities of Virtual Dj:

  • Virtual Dj Free: To download Virtual Dj for free click on the green icon in the menu.
  • Virtual Dj Pro: You can also download the professional version of Virtual Dj for an approximate price of $ 19 / month.
  • Virtual Dj Business: You can also download the business version of Virtual Dj for an approximate price of $ 99 / month.

Remember, Virtual Dj is a free and very complete DJ software, and it is written Virtual Dj, not VirtualDj.