About banana-soft

Banana-Soft is a web site that collects software and free tools, ordered by their respective professional fields and professions.

Our desire is to establish a meeting point for all users that require software to improve and optimize their daily professional work, through free software.

Banana-Soft is not a site that stores programs on your server, but simply perform a role collection for download directly from the author's website, the real protagonist and our reason for being.

Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Biologists, Mathematical, Physicists or Chemists, Computer Science Engineers, Designers, Teachers, Agronomists, Veterinarians, Employers, Accountants, Journalists .... Click on your professional area and select your profession.

With the same ease as a banana peel, you can download the software listed in Banana-Soft!

  • Intuitive software search system.
  • Comfortable navigation through intuitive graphical icons.
  • Free Software, through free licenses, testing, demos or online.
  • Access to download the software without registration.
  • Continual introduction of new programs and tools.
  • We enable the instroduction of new programs by its developers.
  • Brief but accurate description of each software.
  • Software for various (Windows, Mac and Linux) operating systems.