A full professional solution to satisfy your 3D Design needs in the world of architecture


A BIM software for Architecture that’s easy to use and to learn, at the top for innovation and professionalism, modern and much more convenient.
The SMART solution to address your 3D Architectural Design needs more efficiently.

Edificius is the full professional solution to satisfy your 3D Design needs in the world of architecture.
In Edificius you have a single solution integrated with:

  • Edificius, 3D Architectural BIM Design
  • Edificius, Landscaping and Garden design (Edificius-LAND)
  • Edificius, Static rendering for photo-realistic renders
  • Edificius, Real Time rendering for istantaneous rendering capabilities (Edificius-RTBIM)
  • Edificius, the native DWG and DXF CAD solution to enrich drawings with elementary graphical entities (Edificius-CAD)
  • Edificius, a complete catalogue of objects including furniture and lights for interior design
  • Edificius, the 5D BIM, cost estimating and quantity surveying tools to monitor project costs in real time

3D architectural design
A simple and complete 3D BIM to design in the best way ...
5 different work environments to address all aspects of architectural design.
A single 2D or 3D input and an integrated BIM Object Library to create the BIM model and dynamically generate plants, elevations, sections, axonometries, axonometric cuts.

  • Architecture and Interior Design

Edificius allows you to design buildings of all kinds with extreme ease and speed. You can complete and enrich the project with furniture and interior decoration objects that you download directly and free of charge from the online BIM Object Library. Made the model with the objects, you automatically get all the project plans.

  • Garden design and landscaping

Edificius is the simple and effective tool to integrate landscape with architecture. You design gardens, parks, landscapes, and outdoors with easy-to-use tools for modeling walls, pools, games, fences, flower beds, patios, and many other objects. You get fully detailed and freely customizable and detailed legend plans exportable in DXF, DWG and PDF formats.

  • Modeling MEP facilities

Edificius allows the building facilities to be modeled together with the architectural modeling, to obtain a unitary vision of the building-facilities complex, to evaluate the spatial coherence of the networks and to avoid that the facilities interfere with the distribution or aesthetics.

  • Rehabilitation projects

Edificius offers a dedicated environment for rehabilitation projects or design variations. In a single environment, you manage two BIM models (current status and project status) and automatically get the comparison plan and budget for planned interventions.

  • Terrain Modeling

Edificius offers a dedicated work environment for modeling the ideal terrain for construction, urban planning and landscaping. It is possible to acquire the survey directly from DWG and DXF files with contour lines or triangulation, from raster images or directly from Google Maps® satellite photos. You perform the simulation of the excavation and filling operations by comparing the different solutions (project levels) and you get the automatic estimate of the volumes of soil. You can complete the model with detail elements for the landscape: trees, shrubs, plants, streets, squares, furniture, etc.