Designed for projection at churches, christian unions and worship sessions


FreeWorship is a rich presentation software containing many features, yet remains simple to use. No need to spend a long time learning how to use a new piece of software, as the interface is intuitive.

FreeWorship general features:

  • Easy Bible Passage Selection Clear Savable Service ListsDisplay everything - FreeWorship reliably displays songs, images, videos, Bible passages, PowerPoints, notes and webcams/video cameras.
  • Great compatability - FreeWorship displays almost any video or image format. You can also import songs and bibles from a number of formats.
  • Intuitive Bible passage selection - FreeWorship has an easy and intuitive bible verse selector, with KJV and ASV bibles included by default.
  • Spell Checker - Built in spell checker. Does what it says on the tin.
  • Savable service lists - Prepare your service in advance and save it, ready for Sunday morning.
  • Export service lists - Export an entire service list (songs, images, the lot) ready to send to others and know that everything needed will be there.
  • Theme Manager - Set themes either globally, per Order of Service or per song.
  • Video Playback - Video playback with advanced features including trimming and text overlay.
  • Export to PDF - Export words and service lists to PDF or RTF to print them or email them.
  • Supports Multiple Languages - Currently we support English (US and UK), Spanish, German (mostly), Italian, and Hebrew. If you are able to help translate FreeWorship to another language please contact us.