Proyecto educativo online para el área de educación física


The aim of Ludos is to offer multimedia and interactive informative and educational resources in the Physical Education area for interested students, teachers and the public. Ludos' resources are free and are organized around three user profiles:

  • Students: It is the most developed area. It offers multiple interactive multimedia resources for learning in the area of ​​Physical Education in Primary Education.
  • Teaching staff: In the specific entrance for the teaching staff, professional resources for teaching may also be located.
  • Public: They can be parents of the students, curious and amateur public, etc.

Values ​​education through physical activity
In today's society there are issues of special relevance in education related to consumption, equal opportunities, health, free time, the environment, etc. They are contents that by themselves do not constitute areas or subjects of their own entity but that permeate the day to day of family, school and citizen coexistence. The incidence of these cross-cutting themes in the regulated practice of physical activity invites reflection on their most important aspects:

  • Consumer education.
  • Education for equal opportunities.
  • Education for coexistence.
  • Environmental education.
  • Education for health.
  • Leisure education.

This educational resource has been prepared through the Internet Agreement in the Classroom, between the MEC and the autonomous communities of Spain.