STL repair online, optimise for 3D printing


Repair 3D models with quality and fast
Leverage the most advanced 3D file repairing technology on the market to convert your most challenging files into a print-ready format with ease and speed, don't waste more of your valuable time on file preparation and fixing, let our technology do the job instead.



Repair Your 3D Model In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Upload

We accept 15+ 3D file formats and accepts files up to 200MB. We created direct plugins for Sketchup, Blender, and Thingiverse that zap your files directly to your MakePrintable account.

Step 2: Analyze

Your model will go through the Analysis process, and a viewer will showcase the 3D printability issues of your model, along with stats on common printing issues like boundary edges, non-manifolds, flipped faces, solidity, and wall thickness problems.

Step 3: Repair

Our repair process rebuilds the mesh of your model optimizing it for 3D printing, and removing all issues. The repair takes place on cloud servers at fastest speeds, with most accurate detail. A before and after will show you the results of the improved model.

Step 4: Finalize

Pick from various 3D formats to download your file. Obj, STL, 3MF, Gcode, and SVG. You can slice your repaired model using Slic3r, or Print directly through our printing service. Your model will be stored in my model section for future needs.



Use our latest repairing technology to repair your 3D files.
Use our advanced repairing technology to repair your 3D file on the fly. Solve complicated issues such as solidity, wall thickness, clearance and all other common 3D printing issues with few clicks and on top of that you don’t have to pay anything before you review your repaired model, once satisfied with the repair you can download it for only $2.

No payment required before reviewing and accepting the fixed file.