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Create unique experiences with interactive images, videos and 360 ° media with ThingLink.

Tag 360 ° images, videos and media with instant access to additional information, audio, video, embedded elements and web links.

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Classroom and distance learning: Easily create visual learning materials and virtual tours, empower students to work on projects and tasks using text, voice, photos and video.

  • Suitable for teachers and parents who work with students at school and at home.


Business Training and eLearning (E-learning): Upload learning to the cloud, with customizable visual materials and secure exchange of virtual experiences for LMS.

  • Suitable for all sectors that generate digital learning content.

Editorials and Marketing: Increase engagement and improve user experience with interactive images through websites and social media.

  • Suitable for media, companies and government organizations.

Instructions for use:

  • On-line
  • Mobile devices