Basic programming with 3D animations

ICT and computing

Yenka introduces programming in an engaging way, letting you control animated 3D characters using simple flowchart commands.

  • Yenka Sequences is free to use in school, and lets you control animated characters using flowchart programs.
  • If you like it, your school can buy Yenka Programming, which offers a much wider range of commands, scenarios and tools.

Yenka offers an engaging way to teach computer control and programming.

Yenka Sequences:

Yenka Sequences is an innovative tool for introducing computer control and programming. Control dancers by making simple flowcharts, and learn about sequences of instructions, loops and functions.

Modelling a dance routine is a great way to learn about computer programming. Both require a set of steps to be carried out in the right order.

Loops can be used to repeat steps, and a chorus routine is ideal for teaching about functions.

Yenka Programming:

Yenka Programming is our main product for learning about computing and programming.

It includes everything that's in Yenka Sequences, and a wide range of other features, too:

  • Add music for your characters to dance to - choose from 23 built-in tracks, or import your own, and synchronise the dancers;
  • Import 3D models, including those from Google's free Sketchup Warehouse;
  • Create your own animations to use, and control them using flowchart programs
  • Use new commands, including...
    • define and test variables, and use them in mathematical expressions;
    • event handlers, to start your program when on-screen events happen;
    • commands to set and read the properties of on-screen animations.

It's available free to use at home, but if you want to use it in school you have to purchase a licence.