A free and open source modelling tool to create ArchiMate models and sketches

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An open source modelling toolkit to create ArchiMate models and sketches. Used by thousands of Enterprise Architects throughout the world.

The Archi® modelling tool is targeted toward all levels of Enterprise Architects and Modellers. It provides a low cost to entry solution to users who may be making their first steps in the ArchiMate modelling language, or who are looking for a free, cross-platform ArchiMate modelling tool for their company or institution and wish to engage with the language within a TOGAF® or other Enterprise Architecture framework.

The ArchiMate® modelling language is an open and independent Enterprise Architecture standard that supports the description, analysis and visualisation of architecture within and across business domains. ArchiMate is one of the open standards hosted by The Open Group® and is fully aligned with TOGAF®. ArchiMate aids stakeholders in assessing the impact of design choices and changes.

Archi® fulfils the needs of most Enterprise Architects and associated stakeholders, and has been designed to elegantly provide the main features required for ArchiMate modelling and is used globally by banks, insurance companies, industry, EA consultants, training organisations, universities, and students. It is the world’s most popular ArchiMate modelling tool and is downloaded on average about 5,000 times every month.

Download Archi
The latest release of Archi supports the latest version of the ArchiMate language – ArchiMate 3.1. It also includes the ability to exchange models with The Open Group’s ArchiMate exchange format. The exchange format means that you can share your models between different ArchiMate tools and access your model data with other modelling frameworks. The latest release of Archi also contains many new features and fixes. Each new release just gets better and better!

Support Archi
If you find Archi useful in your work and you’d like to help us maintain Archi, a donation would be most welcome, and we accept PayPal, or you could become a patron on Patreon. All development work and support is done for free. A small donation would be much appreciated!