Display sunrise and sunset charts

Daylight Chart

Daylight Chart shows the times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year in any place on Earth in graphical form. The program incorporates numerous cities, but others can be added knowing their latitude and longitude.

As the days of the year progress, the daylight hours vary, due to the orbit and inclination of the planet Earth with respect to the Sun.

Daylight Chart is a free and open source application for Windows that will allow you to see daylight hours according to the day of the year in any city on the planet.

This is done in a graph that shows how the time of day when the sunrise and sunset occurs varies.

We can also add our own city or location, indicating the latitude and longitude of the place in question.

In this way, Daylight Chart is a tool of great academic and cultural value.

The Daylight Chart program does not need installation: you have to unzip the zip file into a folder and run the daylightchart.cmd program. It is a Java program, so you need to have Java Runtime Environment installed.