Real Estate Management Program


Real Estate Management Software or Program Real Estate Agencies InmoServer FREE !! Composed of the modules Buy Sale Rentals Auctions Guilds and Clients. Personalize your documentation. Images to design colorful posters. Import the information from other Databases. Multi-user and work simultaneously. Find records easily. Color-differentiated modules. Technical Service that will solve your doubts about installation or operation. Send Reports by Email.

  • PURCHASE - SALE: Data of Purchase-Sale of farms. Grouped in Not Sold Sold Retired. Details of the seller / buyer farm. Administration. Documentation
  • RENTAL: Data of farm rental. Grouped in Not Rented Rented Retired. Data of the Finca. Landlord / Tenant. Administration. Documentation
  • CLIENTS: Clients who request our services. Preferences and personal data
  • GREMIOS: Guild data. Reform Management. Admission / Vision
  • AUCTIONS: Auction Management. Grouped in Not Auctioned and Auctioned. Tab / Mail
  • AVAILABILITY OF WEB PORTAL FOR YOUR REAL ESTATE: Publish your properties on the Internet comfortably
  • EXTENSIONS: Allows all kinds of extensions and customizations