Management tool for veterinary professionals


Our software license requires you to be a current subscriber to our organisation to be able to use it in your practice. OpenVPMS is a non-profit organisation and relies on financial support from veterinary industry members to fund ongoing development and refinement of our software.


Customer managment
Manage your customer details, including:

  • contacts: name, postal addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses
  • charges, estimates, and payments
  • alerts: e.g. valued customer, bad debtor
  • their pets – your patients
  • documents

Patient management

Manage your patient details, including:

  • name, species and breed
  • alerts
  • history
  • problems
  • prescriptions
  • documents and images
  • insurance


  • Enter and track appointments
  • See customer and patient summaries for each appointment
  • Find available slots in busy schedules into the future
  • Find available slots based on a clinician's roster
  • Automatic SMS appointment reminders
  • Online appointments, via PetYeti and Vetstoria

Patient Insurance

  • Record patient insurance policies, and make claims against those policies
  • Submit claims online via PetSure VetHub
  • Submit claims via email


  • Manage boarding for any number of kennels and cages
  • Day and overnight boarding rates are supported
  • multiple pets can be housed in a single kennel/cage, charged at different rates
  • A late checkout fee can be charged if check-out occurs after a certain time

Doing Business
OpenVPMS provides:

  • a complete set of financial transactions: invoices, credit notes, payments, refunds, and adjustments
  • counter sales to known or anonymous customers
  • location branding of printed invoices, receipts, etc
  • till balancing without stopping the business
  • estimates. Invoices can be generated from these
  • support to track work in progress

OpenVPMS can produce documents with content merged from customer, patient, or product information.

These can be linked to products so that when a product is invoiced, a corresponding document is saved in the patient history. E.g. if a vaccination is provided, a corresponding Vaccination certificate can be generated and automatically printed.

Standalone or Cloud-based
OpenVPMS can run on computers in your practice, or be deployed in the Cloud.

A single OpenVPMS installation can support mulitple practice locations, with different pricing strategies for the same products at each location.

Stock Management
OpenVPMS supports:

  • automatic or manual reordering of stock
  • automatic supplier price updates
  • easy stock taking
  • multiple suppliers per product
  • preferred suppliers for different locations
  • batch management
  • out-of-stock warnings during charging