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Since its founding in 2003, All About Circuit has become one of the largest online engineering communities online. They are a positive and open community of engineers who enjoy sharing knowledge and ideas. Your community prides itself on educating electrical engineers as their experience and knowledge grows.

In this site you can find everything related to electronics and electricity. Articles, educational videos, books, tutorials, forums, code libraries, and so on.

All About Circuits

Founded in 2004 with only a forum and open-source textbook, AAC has grown over the years into a thriving community of engineers collaborating and sharing expertise.

AAC provides resources and facilitates discussion amongst EEs to provide real-world solutions to the challenges they face today. Whether you’re learning RF design, honing your PCB layout skills, figuring out Verilog, or looking for inspiration for your next design, AAC is your home for technical information, news, and tools.

Content From Industry Experts
AAC provides free access to technical resources for engineers around the globe, including tools, guides, textbooks, and technical articles.

These resources are built from the ground-up to educate both engineers who are new to the industry and those who are looking to continue their professional development.

Network of Engineers
Our writers are a community of EE experts who draw on their experience to develop the free, accessible resources they wish they could have found when they were learning.

AAC gives electrical engineers who are passionate about their field a way to connect with their peers—and helps shape the education of the next generation of engineers.


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