Free program for designing and analyzing analog and digital circuits


Create with PSpice your own analog and digital circuits, analyze them using a powerful virtual lab and simulate their behavior.

PSPICE's database includes a variety of electronic components: power supplies, resistors, transistors, capacitors, inductors or inductors, switches, potentiometers and even ferromagnetic core transformers or operational amplifiers.

PSPICE has tools for analysis and enables sweeps continuously (DC Sweep) to generate graphs of variables, analysis of critical elements to detect which elements are the most sensitive to changes, tolerance analysis and sensitivity (Monte Carlo and Worst Case) analysis to calculate transfer functions, transient analysis by Fourier, among other possibilities.

Thanks to its simulation module, you can test your design and let the program itself calculate the circuit behavior based on the Laws of Ohm and Kirchhoff.
In short, PSPICE is an excellent environment to design, analyze and simulate all kinds of electronic circuits.

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