Thought-holder - holds thoughts for later viewing and tracking


Thought-holder is two projects that allow a person to track their thoughts and apply cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to those thoughts with Thought-Tracker. It currently consists of thought-holder.exe and thought-tracker.exe (thought-holder requires thought-tracker) - the first makes a list of thoughts and helps you keep track of when they were created and the second helps take a thought and allows application of CBT techniques to it.

To use the thought-holder:
Enter your thought into the textbox; once done press enter twice to list it and start on a new thought.
Your thoughts are entered into the list-box for later perusal. To remove a thought from the list, click on that thought and press delete.
To save your thoughts for later viewing, exit the program and your list will be saved to a text file, thoughts.txt, with the application.

To use thought-tracker:
Raise the context menu on the thought list to 'Track this thought...' and the tracker shows up


  • list your thoughts
  • save a thought list
  • keep the list
  • track the situation and emotions behind a thought.