Payment gateway application for the management of sales in physical store.

Tpv – Gestión de Venta

TPV application for the management of sales in physical store. It can be installed on any PC with windows. For sales management in hardware stores, drugstores, paint shops, department stores, perfumeries, bookstores, shoe stores, spare parts store, electrical appliances store, and any business that manages a stock of products.

Product management
Customer Management
Supplier Management
Sales management
VAT management
Management of postal codes
Shipping Management
Statistics of sales in graphs (daily, monthly, annual)
Comparisons of sales
Cash tickets
Budgets (Tickets and A4)
Quick management of product offerings by email
Generates shipping labels (APLI 01279 - 8 labels per sheet)
Generates price tags (APLI 01283 - 65 labels per sheet)
Generates product information labels
Generates return sheets products supplier
Generates supplier order sheets
Sending emails for supplier orders
VCARD sent up to 6 users via email
Shipped from VCARD with customer data to your email
Sent from VCARD with the data of the suppliers to your email
Send events to Calendar Generate files
Excel quarterly for VAT declaration
Stock control
Supplier Payment Control
Control of payments, Expenses (Rent, electricity, water, telephone, etc)
Issuing and controlling discount vouchers
Sales management by bar code or product code.
Send notification of each sale made, through Boxcar application (For iOS and Android)
Send notification of each opening or closing of the application, through Boxcar application (For iOS and Android)
Possibility of limiting access to different parts of the application.
Access with code.