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Zentao is a leading Open Source project management tool, which focuses on software development project management, supports Story management✓ Sprint and task✓ bug tracking✓ Scrum✓ Waterfall✓ Roadmap✓ Online✓ Self Hosting✓
It will be your last Free project management software!

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  • Product management: including products, stories, plan, releases and roadmaps;
  • Project management: including projects, tasks, teams, builds and burndown charts;
  • QA management: including bugs, test cases, test tasks and test results;
  • Doc management: including product document library, project document library ;
  • Work management: including todo management and personal management like my task/ bug/ story/ project;
  • Company management: including departments, users, groups and privileges;
  • Report: various statistical reports;
  • Search feature: powerful search functions
  • Easy extension
  • Convnient API