The multi-platform digital version of CATAN

CATAN Online

After a long journey full of difficulties, you have reached the coast of an unexplored island! However, other explorers have also landed on Catan - the race to colonize the island has begun!

Build roads and cities, trade skillfully, and become ruler of Catan!

Take a trip to the CATAN universe and compete in exciting duels against players from all over the world. The classic board game and "The Rivals of CATAN" with brand-new graphics bring a real board game feel to your screen.

Play the basic board game in multiplayer, as well as the introductory game for "The Rivals of CATAN", free of charge. Master "Arrival at CATAN" for free, to unlock Single Player and Custom Game modes for the basic "Arrival at CATAN" scenario permanently to play against the AI ​​or your friends at any time.

For even more variety, activate the full CATAN base game, as well as "Cities and Knights" and "Seafarers" add-ons as in-app purchases, fend off barbarian invasions, conquer new frontiers, and compete against cunning opponents of the computer.