Structural analysis software for your design needs with regard to reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and timber structures


Edilus is the modular structural analysis software solution that addresses structural calculations of buildings with its own integrated FEM solver to give a unitary experience to the phases of input, calculation, analysis of results and creation of detailed working drawings and documentation.
Edilus is a structural calculation software with BIM technology. Model input is accomplished using 3D objects that represent the structural members such as beams, columns, walls, slabs… A simple drawing of the structure is sufficient to provide the necessary data input for the FEM solver with nodes, loads, constraints… this makes everything really SMART.
The BIM input allows you to instantly define the strength characteristics of the objects and their spatial location. Special magnetic grids make spatial input for objects very rapid and precise. Building up even the most complex of structures will seem as simple as playing a game. 

EdiLus is the BIM analysis and structural design solution for new and existing buildings with reinforced concrete, steel, masonry and timber elements.
With EdiLus, in a single graphical environment you can automatically:

  • model the structure by simply using parametric objects;
  • perform a static and dynamic analysis of the structure with an integrated FEM solver;
  • view the analysis results graphically mapped ad on each structural member;
  • design and verify all structural members with the support of an interactive diagnostics tool;
  • automatically produce reports, tables, schedules and detailed construction documents.

A single modeling, design, analysis and document drafting environment.

Model your structure using intelligent objects with geometric, materials and their spatial information. Model the structure to to define node inputs, loads, constraints.
The calculation model is automatically recognized from the model. Automatically produce the entire set of construction documents, detailed structural calculation results and reinforcement schedules.

Integrated FEM solver and graphical visualization of the analysis results

With the integrated FEM solver, quickly analyze complex structures even of large dimensions.
View each object with its tensions and deformations and even modify it directly from the drawing layout. Read the calculation results, loads, stresses, deformations directly from the model or simulate the structure's displacements with the help of a selective colour mapping to concentrate on even the smallest details for a precise analysis of the structure.

International technical regulations

The EdiLus solution allows structural engineers to design and work with reinforced concrete, steel and masonry structures in compliance with the Eurocodes (EC) and relating national annexes and with the Brazilian Technical Standards (NBR) .

Work safely in the BIM process

Import and export in the IFC standard format to collaborate in the BIM process with the various role players of the construction industry with the reliability and data security of a software certified by buildingSMART.