The engineering data ploter


VaryPlot is a freeware tool for creating two- dimensional graphs. Data samples can be loaded from ASCII files or given by equations for x and y. Its comfortable interface allows to work with multiple graphs at the same time.

VaryPlot acts as a plotter, creating a Cartesian type graph with the content of the text document loaded by you. The data does not have to be linear, but can also be represented with a histogram and other visual styles, allowing you to customize the result.

If you have never used a virtual plotter before, you will greatly appreciate the help included with which you will learn how to correctly perform the steps to generate Cartesian graphics without major difficulties. All you have to do is select the text file that will be transformed and then define the customization settings: font dimensions, location of the legend, line activation, and so on.

Everything related to the format can be present in the header, making it mandatory to insert spaces so that the data is displayed correctly in the columns. On the other hand, the visualization of the Cartesian graphs made with VaryPlot is really comfortable.

VaryPlot supports the following formats: VPS, PNG, JPG, BMP