Practical tool to analyze moment, shear and bending beams

BAP (Beam Analysis Program)

A Complete Beam Analysis Software but very simple in use for both Students and Practicing Civil and Mechanical Engineers and Architects. The results of BAP has been thougrouly verified by the Professional engineers under different circumstances.

BAP offers the following enhancements:

  • MOVING LOAD GENERATOR. BAP solves for a series of truck loads. Up to 30 different trucks can be run over the beam. BAP will solve for lower bound and upper bound values for reactions, shear, moment, deflection, and rotation, and tell which truck produces the controlling value. The truck series can be saved for use in future problems.
  • A new matrix solver for faster and improved performance.
  • Results can be saved in a coma-delineated file, which can be called into a spread sheet program such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Loading can be entered in pounds or kips, Newtons or Kilonewtons.
  • The beam can have changes in cross section along its length as well as internal hinges.
  • Point loads and distributed loads can be applied to the beam.
  • Input is in the easy-to-use Windows environment.
  • The beam's profile with applied loads is shown to aid input verification.

Simple yet practical looks
The application features a fairly basic, yet functional user interface, its looks making it more result-oriented, as it helps you obtain the information you need quick and easy.

The main window displays a sketch of the beam you are designing, letting you choose the measurement unit from the dedicated drop-down menu.

Quickly obtain the Shear Force, Bending Moment and Deflection values of your beam
BAP - Beam Analysis Program will firstly require you to input the details concerning the object you are attempting to work with. You can enter the values for elastic modulus and area moment of inertia, followed by the span, length and relative bending stiffness.

Subsequently, you will need to configure the support condition, choosing between ‘Free’, ‘Hinged’, ‘Fixed’ and ‘Advanced’, with either one or two elements of support. Next you can enter the load value along with the point load type, as well as the support settlement, opting between vertical and rotation.

When you have completed inputting the information about your beam, you can press the ‘Analyze’ button and obtain a ‘Graphical Result’ as well as ‘Numerical Result’, comprising ‘Joint Reaction’, ‘Joint Displacement’, the ‘Member Forces’ and the ‘Member Displacement’. You can also obtain the minimal and maximal values for ‘Shear Force’, ‘Bending Moment’ and ‘Deflection’.

A useful instrument for calculating beam specifics
To summarize, BAP - Beam Analysis Program is a professional and reliable utility created to offer you a straightforward method of obtaining a set of essential values for beams, useful in various construction endeavors.