Fractal generator that provides a soft movement and navigation


XaoS is a realtime interactive fractal zoomer. This means that it lets you zoom smoothly into any place in the fractal you choose without the long calculation required by most other fractal generators. It has many other features too, like different fractal types, autopilot, special coloring modes, random palette generation, color cycling, etc.

GNU XaoS 3.5 is a free, open source fractal generator and "zoomer" that offers smooth, fluid navigational movement as you zoom in or out of a fractal. It includes 24 well-known fractal formulas with many possible variations in effects and appearance, but you can also use it to generate your own fractals. It offers effects like a starfield generator, embossing, motion blur, pseudo 3D mode, and even a text display.

XaoS (pronounced chaos) lets you dive into fractals in one fluid, continuous motion. It has many other features like a wide array of different fractal types and coloring modes, autopilot, random palette generation, color cycling, and animated tutorials.

XaoS is easier to experience than explain, so give it a try! Point at an area you want to explore in the image below and hold the left mouse button to zoom in. Gone too far? Hold the right mouse button to zoom back out.

XaoS has a special autopilot that automatically drives into interesting boundaries of the set. So you can press a, play your favorite music, have a drink, and relax. Many pictures in the XaoS gallery were discovered using the autopilot.

The autopilot also has some additional features. It turns back when the zoomed picture stops being interesting, and is able to spot when it's zoomed into a really boring part (or has reached the limit of floating point numbers) and restart zooming from the top.