Show Prayer times for more than 6 Million cities on the wide world

Prayer Times Calculator

The Prayer Times Calculator project show Prayer times for more than 6 Million cities on the wide world, Most Accurate calculation, Qiblah direction in graphical format, ephemerides... tow versions: 1st for world cities, 2nd for morocoo cities only.


  • 32bit free Windows application and Delphi open source with Interface in Arabic.
  • calculates the five Islamic prayer times (Sobh, Dhohur, Asr, Maghreb, and Isha), and the sunrise (Shuroq).
  • show prayer times in 23978 cities and towns in 252 countries round the globe.
  • care was taken to ensure the most accurate results (output result is in hh:mm:ss format), all formulas as based on the "Astronomical Algorithms", by Jean Meeus.
  • five famous prayer times calculation methods, and one for Moroccan Awkaff.
  • Tow standard calculation methods for Asr(Imam Shafi', Hanbali, Maliki) as well as Hanafi.
  • Automatic alerts remind user to perform the previous prayer before the next prayer occurs.
  • The prayer calls (Athan) launches automatically when it is the time of the prayer. The user has the option to choose to hear either Takbir or a Full Athan.
  • Showing direction of the Kiblah in graphical format.
  • percents of illuminated Fraction of the Moon, Showing moon phases in your taskbar.