Resistive circuits simulator


RCSim is a resistive circuit simulator that allows the circuit design directly on screen and has measuring instruments, showing the values of voltage and current while during simulation.

It designs on-screen resistive circuits in series, parallel or mixed of up to 300 meshes and allows to measure voltages and currents in each node of the RCSim system.

The RCSim calculations are made based on the Modified Nodal Analysis. Future versions will allow calculations with alternating current sources and elements such as capacitors, inductors and operational amplifiers. This RCSim software is freely distributed and can be used without restrictions.

RCSim is graphically simple but detailed, very easy to use and learn even for those who are not in the field, it offers concrete results and rounds up figures. Regarding the material available for the circuits, we find resistors, voltage sources, current sources, earth connections, ammeters and the necessary connections. The entire set can be tested to even use a voltmeter or calculate the source current. The RCSim work panel is gridded with points and allows you to apply data to each type of material used, in addition to the orientation. The calculations are based on the Modified Nodal Analysis.

One of the most basic types of electrical circuits is the one formed only by resistors, that is, the resistive circuit, in which a greater amount of current is derived by the branch of the circuit with the least resistance. To accurately simulate the behavior of resistive circuits we have a very simplified version of the famous PSpice. This is RCSim.

Resistor circuit simulator with RCSim:
RCSim is a simulator specifically created for the design of circuits made up of resistors, as well as voltage and current sources. At the same time, it allows to measure the voltages and currents in different points of the circuit, showing the behavior of the same as a function of the values ​​determined for the resistors and the generators.

The operation of RCSim is very simple. The first step is to generate a circuit from the "Insert" menu options, where it is possible to select some of the following components: resistors, voltage source, current source, connection cables and ground. Then, once the "Calculate" option has been selected, within the "Simulation" menu, it is possible to add ammeters and voltmeters at any point in the circuit.

To calculate the voltage values ​​at the circuit nodes and the current in the different branches, RCSim is based on Modified Nodal Analysis. The generated diagrams can be saved in the application's own format, called RCS.