Renewable Energy Network tool


SIREN demonstrates how electricity demand may be met by a mix of renewable energy sources. Users explore potential location and scale of renewable energy sources (stations, storage, transmission) to meet electricity demand.
SIREN allows you to build scenarios for the energy mix for your area of interest. It is based around the map of your chosen area and allows you to visualise the layout of the existing electricity network plus the additional stations you place on the map to build your scenario(s). The map initially shows the main skeleton of the existing electricity grid infrastructure and current generation stations.
The strength of the simulation is in running the SAM models developed by US NREL for each renewable station in your current simulation. SAM calculates a list of power outputs for each hour of the year and shows how they meet the electricity demand and identify generation shortfalls.
Weather files created from NASA (MERRA2) satellite data make it applicable worldwide


  • Uses NREL SAM models for renewable energy
  • Uses NASA MERRA-2 data to create weather files
  • Can be used for any region of the world