14 Free Programs for Psychology Students and Professionals


We present these 14 free programs related to psychology and its different techniques.

All these programs are free, we hope that you download them, try them and leave us your comments and opinions.

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Psychology Experiment Building Language - A system designed for creating psychology and neuroscience experiments and tests

PEBL (Psychology Experiment Building Language) is a system designed for creating psychology and neuroscience experiments and tests. It is cross-platform, with the intention to run the same experiment, unchanged, on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh PCs.


CleverPsych - Free practice management system

CleverPsych is software for health professionals who run their own practices. We have been using the software to run our psychology practice for over ten years.


ufov - Enhance useful field of view, speed of responsiveness, brain exerciser

Python and pygame cross platform program to exercise the brain with the intention of enhancing useful field of view, also known as speed of responsiveness.


Thought-Tracker - Thought-holder - holds thoughts for later viewing and tracking

Thought-holder is two projects that allow a person to track their thoughts and apply cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to those thoughts with Thought-Tracker.


AIvNatureSy - Freeware experimental artificial intellectual systems based on self-organization of chaotic digital network

Freeware experimental artificial intellectual systems based on self-organization of chaotic digital network. The peculiarity of this system is that the digital network created using radionic* technology that provides interaction between human and computer thinking.


SIGVerse - Simulator for Human-Robot Interaction, used in the RoboCup@Home

Understanding the mechanism of intelligence in human beings and animals is one of the most important approaches to developing intelligent robot systems. Since the mechanisms of such real-life intelligent systems are so complex, such as the physical interactions between agents and their environment and the social interactions between agents, comprehension and knowledge in many peripheral fields such as cognitive science, developmental psychology, brain science, evolutionary biology, and robotics.


Kromophone - A color sonification device for navigation and classification

The Kromophone is a color-to-sound sensory substitution device. It was designed with the tasks of navigation, object, and environmental navigation in mind.


METAlab GTG - Matlab toolbox to run a GLM on graph theoretic properties in MRI data

This Matlab toolbox runs a GLM on graph theoretic network properties in brain networks. The GLM accepts continuous & categorical between-participant predictors and categorical within-participant predictors.


Success Mindmap - A mindmap toolkit to create a snapshot of your life

The Success Mindmap is a toolkit that allows you to map out a clear concise snapshot of your life. The toolkit allows you to set milestones in your life path, ones that you can track back to in the future so that you can make better choices in the future.


PolityBuilder - A system for agent-based modelling in political psychology

PolityBuilder is a collection of java libraries and applications for exploring the relationship between individual psychology and political phenomena. It is based on research conducted by Andrew Reilly at the Australian National University.


CF Puzzle - Application for creating and administering cognitive flexibility tasks

The cognitive flexibility (CF) puzzle is a task designed to measure people’s ability to effectively switch between different mental rule sets. The task is based off of existing measures of CF, the Trail Making Task and the Wisconsin Card Sorting Task and has been previously validated.


Pezeshkian's test - Pezeshkian's test with correlative search for persons in results

Pezeshkian's test with correlative search for persons in results (search for peoples with similar psychotypes).


MultiDEILD - The ultimate alarm for lucid dreams induction

MultiDEILD is an Android application that can aid you in having lucid dreams by using special alarms and light flashes.
MultiDEILD is also available as a Windows scriptable software. It can turn on your pc, ring alarms, and put your pc in sleep mode again.


FLXLab Psychology Experiment Software - A program for running psychology experiments

FLXLab is a program for running psychology experiments. Capabilities include presenting text and graphics, playing and recording sounds, and recording reaction times via the keyboard, joystick/button box, or a voice key. Windows/Mac/Linux.