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Wickr Me is secure collaboration and compliance for businesses
With full control, full compliance, and full security, Wickr enables businesses to communicate without compromise.
Large companies need to protect their data and communications from a growing number of cyber threats. These companies must also comply with a wide variety of government and industry regulations. Wickr Enterprise ensures that any large business or organization remains secure and compliant, while maintaining full control over their network.

Complete security
Don't rely on insecure corporate platforms or shadow IT programs - let your team collaborate easily while remaining fully protected. Examined by the US Department of Defense, Wickr protects your data using advanced security protocols. Whether you're messaging, video conferencing, sharing a file, or using any of our other features, your communications are completely secure.

Total control
Wickr gives you full administrative control over your data, allowing you to take charge of your own security. Control permissions, set expiration timers, define security groups, and make sure your settings are tailored specifically for your organization. Plus, Wickr comes ready to integrate with services like Active Directory, SSO via OIDC, MDM, and more.

Full compliance
Wickr allows you to protect your communications while remaining fully compliant with industry regulations. While most job-level communications should never be stored for security reasons, certain information should be kept for HIPAA, FINRA, FOIA, FRA, electronic discovery, auditing purposes, and more. Wickr enables organizations to selectively record communication sessions in a secure customer-defined data warehouse when required.

Wickr Me Solutions:
From the boardroom to the battlefield, Wickr is the world's most trusted communication platform.


  • Military
    Wickr's industry-leading security protocols ensure that confidential military communications remain secure. Examined by the US Department of Defense, Wickr's zero trust architecture ensures that your data remains secure, even under the harshest conditions. Wickr is FIPS 140-2 certified and has a smooth onboarding process.


  • Governmental agencies
    Keep your confidential communications secure with Wickr. Wickr is approved for use from any government or personal computer, as well as from mobile devices. Easily collaborate with your team, whether through video conferencing, messaging, or file sharing, knowing that your data is fully protected by Wickr's advanced security protocols.


  • Business
    Wickr allows your team to collaborate in complete safety, no matter where they are. Maintain total administrative control over your network and protect your data with our advanced security protocols. Wickr also enables you to comply with industry regulations by allowing organizations to selectively record communication sessions when required.