Budgeted Expenses Control for Entities

My Budget

The Budget part is the one that offers the most variations and the key part to keep accounts up to date. In Budget it is where all the expenses and income of the home are imputed: floor, extra payments, indemnifications, financial income, investments, household expenses, superfluous expenses, etc.

The truth is that the variety of concepts is surprising, and if there is something that does not quite fit, there is always the option "Others". Along with each item, you can specify whether it is a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual amount.

Lastly, My budget includes a block called Objectives. It can include financial objectives of various kinds. For example, we can add as objectives a car, a new home, a trip, a wedding or retirement. Thus, the target quantity must be entered, as well as the time required to achieve it, and the program indicates the way forward.

Adapted to any user
The best thing about My Budget is that it brings home finances closer to users. Many (dare I say the majority) families do not keep a structured account of their household income and expenses, in part because they do not have the proper tools. My budget is that tool.

All the concepts are very well explained and differentiated. In addition, there is a practical help menu present at all times.

The only thing we do not like is that My budget does not allow you to import and export your data, so these are only stored locally on the computer where you are using the program. Another downside is that it does not allow modifying the currency in which we operate (only €).

The best way to start
Many of us do not keep house accounts in a structured way. In my case it is because of the laziness of creating an Excel and having to think about the formulas, the data, etc. ... With My budget the task is simplified as much as possible so that any family can start in the domestic accounting, something that According to numerous studies, it can help families to control their financial situation much more.