Unit Conversion


Why write another unit converter? There are plenty of them out there. Well, I couldn't find one that worked quite the way I wanted.

With ConvertAll, you can combine the units any way you want. If you want to convert from inches per decade, that's fine. Or from meter-pounds. Or from cubic nautical miles. The units don't have to make sense to anyone else.


ConvertAll Features:

  • The base units for conversion may be either typed (with auto-completion) or selected from a list.:
  • As a unit is typed, the unit list is automatically filtered to show only units with matching words.
  • In general, either a unit's full name or its abbreviation can be used.
  • Units may be combined with the "*" and "/" operators.
  • Units may be raised to powers (squared, cubed, etc.) with the "^" operator.
  • Units in the denominator may be grouped with parenthesis.
  • Units with non-linear scales, such as temperature, can also be converted.
  • Recently used unit combinations may be picked from a menu.
  • Numbers may be entered on either the "From" or the "To" units side, for conversions in both directions.
  • Basic mathematical expressions may be entered in place of numbers.
  • Options control the formatting of numerical results.
  • The unit data includes over 500 units.
  • Conversions between various number bases (decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary) can be done in a separate dialog window.
  • A decimal number can be converted to fractional numbers in a separate dialog window.
  • The format of the unit data file makes it easy to add additional units.
  • Command line options are available to do conversions without the GUI.
  • The user interface and the unit data are available in Catalan, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.


ConvertAll is available for the following Operating Systems:

  • ConvertAll Windows: To download ConvertAll for Windows click on the green icon in the menu.
  • ConvertAll Linux: To download ConvertAll for Linux click on the green icon in the menu.
  • ConvertAll Mac OS: Currently not available.
  • ConvertAll Android: Currently not available.
  • ConvertAll iOS: Currently not available.

Remember, ConvertAll is a free and very complete unit conversion software, and it is written ConvertAll, not Convert All.