Didactic anatomical system with augmented reality


Study the complete human body interactively. Learn the most important systems and functions with realistic representations in Augmented Reality.

Select each organ, rotate it, find out interesting details and study it virtually, viewing it from all angles.

Learn with curricular content and exercises about:

  • The respiratory system / The circulatory system / The digestive system
  • The excretory system / The nervous system / The skeleton
  • The muscular system /The male and female reproductive systems

View individual, realistic anatomic reproductions of each of the body’s organs.

Take a fascinating journey inside the human body to learn about the most important functions:

  • Digestion / Breathing / Circulation.
  • Excretion / Nerve impulses.

Test your knowledge with fun exercises that will help you study and evaluate what you have learned.

The content of this application for students from 11- 18 years of age is completely curricular. Content is available in English and Spanish. Hundreds of schools around the world are already learning with ARLOON!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Critical Thinking
  • Engagement and Usability
  • Creative Development
  • Life Skills
  • Academic Relevance

Acquisition of21st-century skills:

  • Scientific: anatomical terminology
  • Digital: studying with new technology
  • Learning and interacting with the physical world using Augmented Reality
  • Learning to learn: experimenting and actively searching for answers to promote self-learning
  • Linguistic: building multilingual vocabulary (English and Spanish)