The graph plotter and equation solver.

Easy Funktion

Easy Funktion is an excellent teaching tool that can represent many graphs from data provided by different functions, besides being able to perform many other functions of calculation and mathematical representation.

Main features and functions of Easy Funktion

  • The main feature of this application, apart from the graphical representation of functions, is that it allows you to work with functions of complex numbers or real numbers, without any problem or complication.
  • It has a relatively simple graphical and user interface, showing a main window made up of multiple tabs, from which the rest of the included functions can be accessed, allowing it to be used by any type of user, regardless of the knowledge available in this type of applications.
  • It presents the ability to solve equations, execute approximations, either interpolations or extrapolations, and includes a pocket calculator.

If you want to have an excellent mathematical tool that allows you to graphically represent a multitude of functions, as well as many other associated tasks, you don't need to search for anything else, download Easy Funktion now.