Editing and analysis of electrical circuits DC or AC

Solve Elec

Solv Elec is an electrical circuit analysis and resolution in AC and DC software.
Circuit drawing, values and formulas for currents and voltages, equations verification, graphs drawing, equivalent circuits, filter analysis, frequency response graphs.

With Solve Elec you can :

  • Draw and analyze electrical circuits functioning in direct or alternating current
  • Get literal formulas and values for current intensities and voltages defined in the circuit.
  • Verify circuit related equations.
  • Draw graphs.
  • Get the equivalent circuit of displayed circuit
  • Browse an integrated documentation
  • Edit, save and print reports made of various elements displayed in main window   

New in Solve Elec version 2.5 :

  • analysis of circuits in AC
  • oscilloscope
  • filter analysis
  • formulas and values of transfer functions
  • frequency response graphs