The program allows the operator to keep a digital recording of the NGO associate members

Gestión de Organizaciones no gubernamentales (ONG)

The program allows its operator to keep a digital record of the users associated with the NGO, adding a file for each person who attends or is linked to it. It is very simple, a file is created per user, in which all personal data can be included, the dates in which you receive follow-ups and services as well as details of each one of them.

From the -Documents- section, the operator will be able to easily create document templates (eg: certificates of attendance to services, proof of follow-up and reception, etc.). By simply selecting a user's file, the program will include its data in the template of the document to be issued.

You will also find two agendas, one for scheduled appointments and the other where you can include the service programs that will be taught at the NGO. In the latter, you can quickly see the assistants to the services, the history of the courses taught in that service, etc. It will also have two sections to manage services and technicians, social workers, volunteers, etc. of the NGO.

The program complies with the regulations established in some countries in the treatment of data, protecting them with a password for viewing or modification. It also links the level 3 data in the users' files in an encoded form so that they can never be related to the user to whom they belong if accessed without using this program.

Initial Unlock Password: