A program that help you manage your diabete

GNU Gluco Control

GGC is an open-source java application, intended to help you manage your diabetes. Open-source means that the application is freely available, together with its source code, which means that anybody can help with development.

GNU Gluco Control Features:
In last few years application has gone through several major changes, especially data management side. We added Hibernate Framework, which now gives us support for all major java supported databases. Also user interface was made little neater (support for different skins with SkinLF framework) and user-friendlier.

  • Data entry with GNU Gluco Control:
    • We support 2 different data entries: via Pen/Injection forms or Pump forms
    • Blood Glucose (BG) Values (in both formats)
    • 2 different Insulin types (Basal, Bolus)
    • Carbohydrates intake
    • Activity level
    • Urine
    • Comments
    • Adding food data (From Db)
    • Adding food data (by description)
    • Bolus Helper to determine Bolus dose
    • Simple Ratio Helper
  • Data storage with GNU Gluco Control:
    • With help of Hibernate 3.1.3 (see http://www.hibernate.org/) we now support wide variety of databases.
    • We have one "internal" database, which can be used out-of-the-box (we use H2 database for that)
    • Support for full backup and restore
    • Database versioning
  • Graphs with GNU Gluco Control:
    • One Day (shows a BG curve, avg BG, insulin and CH intake)
    • Course (shows you your values over a period of time)
    • Spread (shows data over a period of time, but plots the days over each other, so you can find accumulations)
    • Frequency (shows kind of a histogram for your BG values)
    • We are now using JFreeChart library for graphs (through ATech Graph Framework)
  • Nutrition database with GNU Gluco Control:
    • We have now 3 nutrition/food databases.
    • USDA database. This is static database of nutrition data of US department of Agriculture.
    • User database. To add foods that are not part of USDA
    • Meals database. You can group USDA/User/Meal entries into meals
  • Reports with GNU Gluco Control:
    • Our reporting is currently limited to creating PDF reports (we use iText library)
    • When report is created we cn view it with either external PDF viewer or with internal one.
    • Pen/Injecton: We have Simple and Extended reports available
    • Nutrition: We have printing of food menus (options) used
    • Pump: Here we have Extended reports, Daily Timesheet report and some other minor reports which can help with diabetes management.
  • Approximate your current HbA1c
  • Support for Diabetes devices with GNU Gluco Control:
    • Meter Tool integration - See projects page for details.
    • Pump Tool integration - See projects page for details.
    • CGMS Tool integration - See projects page for details.
  • Other features of GNU Gluco Control:
    • Customization of application
    • Help framework integrated (Some help pages written)
    • USB Image of GGC