Free software for electromagnetic simulation


MaxFem is an open software package for electromagnetic simulation by using finite element methods. MaxFem package can solve problems in electrostatics, direct current, magnetostatics and eddy-currents.

MaxFem is open source software for numerical resolution of electromagnetism problems using the finite element method. MaxFem package brings together under a single interface different modules or applications that allow addressing problems of electrostatics, direct current, magnetostatics, transient magnetic and eddy currents, in two and / or three dimensions and in Cartesian and / or cylindrical coordinates.

The user can make internal changes to adapt to his needs both the interface and the calculation programs it contains. In addition, and thanks to the modular structure of the MaxFem interface, the possibility of incorporating other types of problems (for example, thermal coupled with electromagnetic) remains open. Under the GPL license, any user can include their own applications and redistribute the software.

MaxFem Features

  • Numerical simulation of electromagnetic problems.
  • Easy introduction of the data required for the simulation.
  • Materials Database integrated in the application.
  • Import standard mesh formats (UNV).
  • Solvers fully integrated in the application.
  • Wide variety of visualization options.
  • Applications fields: industry, research and innovation departaments.

MaxFem addresses different problems in electromagnetism:

  • 2D and 3D electrostatics
  • 2D and 3D direct current
  • 2D magnetostatic
  • 2D transient magnetic
  • Eddy currents 2D, 3D and axisymmetric

MaxFem is Cross-platform software
Two programming languages ​​have been used for MaxFEM coding:

  • Python: to develop the graphical interface.
  • Fortran: to develop calculation codes.

Also, using Python gives MaxFEM the property of being cross-platform:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac OS

We have moved the installers to the MaxFem website (see below). In order to improve MaxFem, we will require you to fill out a simple form before downloading them.