An English learning tool

Memorize Words Flashcard System

Memorize word Flashcard System is a Leitner Flashcard English learning tool. This java swing application is designed for learning words and help foreign language learners by lots of automatic and multimedia features.
Memorize word Flashcard System is a Free and Open-source software based on (QPL) license.

Features of Memorize word Flashcard System:

  • Creating multimedia cards with sounds and pictures.
  • Learn cards randomly from a basket which can be created from expired, learned and unlearned cards.
  • Start a time based and/or card based learning sessions.
  • Automatically retrieving cards' meanings from Internet (Merriam-Webster Dictionary and The Compact Oxford English Dictionary).
  • Fully plug-in enabled.
  • Automatically retrieve any words pronunciations in a audio format from Internet.
  • You can decide to include pictures from Google image search results which are of course related to the word. (Can you imagine how much this visualization feature will help you learn the new language faster and easier?!)
  • It automatically retrieve English sentences from internet which have used the desired word and then shows them in your learning process as practical words usage examples.
  • You can categorize the cards.
  • You can set the expiration date of the cards based on their current learning position.
  • This program has been written in Java and therefore could be run in any operation system with JRE 1.5+
  • and much much more.