Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community

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Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community. Its courses are mainly used to teach languages, but are also used for other academic and nonacademic subjects. Memrise uses flashcards augmented with mnemonics—partly gathered through crowdsourcing—and the spacing effect to boost the speed and ease of learning.

It currently has more than 300,000 courses available in various languages.

Observe and learn the language with native speakers. Discover a personalized learning experience that tests you so you don't lose motivation. We use a variety of proven and entertaining techniques to help you learn faster.

Memrise's language learning app is the complete opposite of a textbook - fun and effective. Memrise was founded in 2010, and in that time it has reached over 40 million people in 189 countries learning languages ​​with us to expand horizons, connect with others and with the world around them.

The three principles of Memrise:

  • Authentic and useful content
    Memrise courses have something that textbooks lack: the language that is really spoken. Our team of expert linguists is happy to show you how they communicate in their day to day. In addition, the courses offer thousands of videos of natives speaking their respective languages ​​in their localities. This way you will get used to authentic voices and accents, and you can enjoy the surroundings and get closer to the culture.
  • A juicy mix of science and technology
    Memrise is intended as a blend of science and technology that stimulates the mind. It is clear to your brain that reading and rereading sentence lists and vocabulary is glancing. We know that the opportunity to put into practice what you learn with varied exercises and at the right time is fun and effective, and that does work for your brain!
  • If it's not fun, you won't learn
    Would you get bored in class? We sometimes do! And it's weird, because the best way to learn is to have such a good time that you are at full concentration. Our content has to pass that filter before reaching the app that helps millions of people learn. If it's not entertaining, then go.

Memrise was founded by Ed Cooke, a Grand Master of Memory, and Greg Detre, a Princeton neuroscientist specializing in the science of memory and forgetting.

Are you leading a busy life? No problem. Download the application to have thousands of natives in your pocket. So you can learn new phrases in your spare time. Reaching your goals is a marathon, not a sprint.