Nice DXF file viewer

Free DXF Viewer

DXF is the acronym for Drawing Interchange Files and are a part of AutoCAD drawings.

As the name suggests, the Free DXF Viewer lets users view such files. It is an easy to use tool that can be comprehended by anyone. Even someone who has basic computer knowledge can work with it. There are a number of features of this software which add to the whole package.

Free DXF Viewer is a 100% free of cost. There are absolutely no hidden charges or trial versions of the same. There is no need to install AutoCAD as it is a standalone app. Its flexibility can be proved by the fact that any device that runs on Windows OS can be used for the installation.

The size of the file is small and hence, Free DXF Viewer does not eat up the available disk space. During the download, there are no instances of any malware or adware affecting the overall security of the device. It is clean and reliable. The users will come across a straight forward interface which is yet another feather in the cap. This tool even supports DWG files.

The response time is also nice. There is no intermittence of any kind. Once the image is displayed, users can use the various functionalities which are available in the main menu. Zoom in and zoom out, pan and rotate are just some of them. With just a few clicks, users can customise the files and use them as per their requirements.

Free DXF Viewer also allows them to print the images and use the tree view option. It is a complete tool that is ideal for personal as well as professional use. A small amount of editing functions is also enabled in this practical and intuitive product.