Web based ERP/Accounting

PhreeBooks ERP / Accounting

PhreeBooks 5 is a completely new web based application that utilizes the redesigned Bizuno ERP library from PhreeSoft. Bizuno supports PHP 7 along with all the latest versions of mySQL. Additionally, Bizuno utilizes the jQuery EasyUI graphical interface and will be also enhanced for mobile devices and tablets.

The Bizuno application is available hosted in the PhreeSoft cloud, as a WordPress plugin and as a stand-alone application in PhreeBooks 5.

PhreeBooks R3.7 is no longer supported. It is strongly recommended that users of PhreeBooks 3.7 and earlier upgrade to PhreeBooks 5. PhreeSoft has a free upgrade extension for Bizuno to assist with the transition.

PhreeBooks 4.0 is under development with no confirmed release date. All project information for PhreeBooks 4 can be found at GitHub.com/phreebooks in the Release 4.0 trunk.


  • Double entry accounting
  • Complete ERP functionality
  • Fully Extensible / Customizable
  • 40+ reports and forms, also build your own
  • Dashboards for quick overview/navigation