Open-Source Clinical Quality Measure database and reporting engine


popHealth® is an Open-Source Clinical Quality Measure database and reporting engine with data presented through a web-based interface.

PopHealth includes a centralized repository of clinical data. Data is sent from EHRs via nationally recognized standards such as Consolidated Clinical Data Architecture (C-CDA) Continuity of Care (CCD) Documents or QRDA (Quality Reporting Data Architecture) Cat 1 Documents.  Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) are calculated for providers and presented through a web-based interface with drill down ability to the provider and patient-level data.

PopHealth allows providers to track trends in quality and health over time and calculate CQMs for Meaningful Use and other CQM Reporting.  popHealth leverages the Cypress validation capability, references measure bundles from the NIH, and supports use of custom defined measures that are generated by an organization with MAT/Bonnie.

PopHealth can be integrated with systems supporting practices of various sizes and government entities.  It is a reference implementation, and anyone is welcome to modify and extend the functionalities of popHealth.  Since popHealth is open source (Apache 2.0 licensed),  it is not required to contribute back fixes or innovations, but it is encouraged and appreciated and fosters mutual benefit for all parties. 

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PopHealth banana-soft-com