Allows you to create architectural plans to make presentations

Smart Draw

You can simplify and speed up your architectural work process by making use of this architecture software – SmartDraw. As per your needs, you can modify and customize the templates present in this structural design app. You can create flowcharts, process maps, CAD and floor plans, project charts, schedules, org charts, network diagrams, charts, wireframes, mock-ups all types of layouts. 

This architecture software provides easy and powerful diagramming. It allows you to draw and print architectural and engineering diagrams to scale due to its engineering power. Instantly you can create sketches without using the built-in extensions. The contractors and architects will find this software useful in making a diagram. 


Key Features 

  • Stable Release Version of SmartDraw software is available under a proprietary license, and it operates on Windows, Mac, Linux and web-based operating systems.
  • Automatic formatting with professional diagramming results.
  • Visio Import and export file facility.
  • Collaborative, enterprise administration, and exclusive development platform.
  • Over 4,500 templates with 34,000 built-in symbols.
  • Over 70 different types of visuals.
  • Graph-based and chart-based diagrams with online diagram creation and editing facility.

Online version and desktop version available