The Sociology Laboratory


SocLab is a virtual laboratory for the study of power relationships in social organizations. It is theoretically grounded on the Crozier and Friedberg’s Sociology of Organized Action, also called Strategic Analysis.

SocLab modules offer features for :
· Editing the structure of an organization,
· Analyzing its properties through various measures,
· Investigating its potential configurations and their characteristics,
· Simulating and analyzing the regularization of social actors’ behaviors.

This project aims to import computer sciences tools and methods in the field of sociology, especially in organization theory, in order to grasp the social processes occuring in organizational contexts in a simplified, yet rigorous, way.
This project adheres to the social simulation development, beside a strong sociological grounding and formalization.

SocLab needs a Java Virtual Machine (jvm) to be launched.
Latest version of Sun JVM can be found here.